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Cool LED lighting under the corner bathtub

Creating a special, romantic and relaxing atmosphere

When renovating or making a new bathroom, you have to consider placing some hidden LED lighting, to create this modern and romantic effect. Just imagine those nights where you will be able to close all the regular lights, flick open that switch, then the lights under the corner bath come on, light a few candles to create a special, dramatic and relaxing mood; thus eliminating that harsh direct light we need for our regular toiletry done in front of the mirror. To go back to the main modern bathroom design page.

corner bath with LED hidden light  the hidden LED seen from under

You can see in the pictures above the global effect of LED lights under this corner bath, and the picture on the right was taken from underneath the same corner bath to show you how they are installed. Hidden LED lights are very versatile to place these days, because of their small size; accordingly they can be installed behind any molding or decoration. This is also made possible by the low-heat emission and high brightness capabilities of each small individual LED light in the LED technology. Please note that the lights are wrapped in a plastic hose to eliminate most electrical hasards, being placed so close to water in this case.  This is one more little decorative extra that can add a lot of style and a new dimension to your bathroom design.

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