modern bathroom

When toilet and new technologies combine..

The main purpose of a bathroom offers many new sanitary possibilities

The new bidet toilets are an interesting new space-saving alternative to having both a toilet and a bidet as separated units. The sanitary merits of bidets against annoying and potentially dangerous conditions such as hemorrhoids does not have to be demonstrated anymore. Widely used in Asia and more and more recognized in Europe, the toilet with integrated bidet has nothing to do with the old school toilets we are used to. If you want to return to main modern bathroom design page page, click that link.

Just when we thought the toilet could never change, today there are many new ideas that involve more than only its aesthetics.

That being said, there are many more parameters or options that differentiate one model of toilet from another, and as with everything else, knowing exactly your options and what you want is key to making the perfect purchase that will serve and please you for many years.

a montage of modern toilets

Many options are available nowadays for your new toilet unit. One main feature of the new units is that they are more efficient, using less water with every flush; another feature that is always appreciated by the gentlemen is the extended or elongated toilet. You also have now wall mounted toilets which are very convenient for small bathrooms and are easier to clean.

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