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Step VII: the ceramic tile shower

Installation of the tiles in the shower

ceramic tile shower
In this step we have glued our selected ceramic tiles onto the Permabase
boards, which were installed in the last step. Note the nice
pattern design we chose for this ceramic tile shower.

closer view of our ceramic tile shower
A closer view of the ceramic work we just did in the bathroom
shower. The pattern adds a nice contrasting touch to the
otherwise uniform shower wall.

bathroom floor tiles
A view of the ceramic we had laid out on the bathroom floor;
in the next step we will install the baseboards

ceramic tiles
Last time you see this window without its upcoming moldings... You can
see here also that same pattern we have repeated in the shower.

In this step we have installed the tiles in the ceramic tile shower. The tiles chosen for the shower and the corner bathtub are different from the ones selected for the bathroom floor, thus creating a contrast that visually separates the ceramic shower and the corner bathtub from the rest of the bathroom. Here we used a darker shade of tiles, with a repeat of the pattern we had placed above the corner bath. Another nice way to place your floor tiles in a large bathroom is to place them at a 45° angle; but keep in mind that arranging your tiles at such an angle will cost around 10% more ceramic tiles wasted.

Using ceramic tiles to decorate a bathroom, it is quite possible to choose from a moderate and conservative look all the way to very elaborate and extravagant; in this bathroom we went halfway with 3 different ceramic types and nice contrasts. You will always be able to see the tiles in this shower because the other two shower walls will be completely transparent, so the choice we made here was a very important one. In the next step now we proceed to install the baseboards and window molding...

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