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Here are examples of how modern bathroom showers designs today are implemented. It is really surprising the possibilities that have been developped in the recent years, in regards to showers. No more compromises; now you can get the telephone showerhead, along with the traditional one at the same time. You choose the showerhead you want, depending of the effect you are trying to achieve, for this bathroom renovation project. Also available now are electronic controls that regulate water temperature as well as water pressure, in a nice fluid way, so typical of an electronic dial. Please read through this page and go back to bathroom design page, using the link, or the one at the bottom of this page.

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 lady showering her legs

So here are a few pictures depicting how state of the art modern showers are like, nowadays. Did I mention 'no compromises'? These showers now have that warm old school look you liked in the past, while retaining todays convenience.  There are many possibilities in this area.  Pay attention to how now you will have ceramic tiles covering all your shower area; this can be achieved by many tricks, and modern shower unit kits will help you do this.  The point is: it looks very good!  Especially now that you have all these tile options, that allow you to make interesting patterns.  With all of todays ceramic tile possibilities, I strongly encourage you to be a little bold; try those creative designs on your walls!  No more shiny, slippery and boring 'all the same pattern' printed tiles you had in the '80s and the '90s.  Now the shower has earned its right to be pleasing to the eye. Please check out the other page covering ceramic tiles in this site.

Of course all these shower kits can be chosen with the desired finish, so it fits well with the rest of your bathroom design plan. The usual finishes for shower kits are: chrome, brushed steel, brass, antique, antique copper, oil rubbed bronze, aged pewter, etc... It is important to know which type of finish you will use in your project as of course it has to fit well with the chosen style for the bathroom, and this style will match that of the whole house. So this site's job is to inform you about what is out there so you make the best choice possible; more on this in my 'faucet' page. Examples of finishes seen here. This well planned choice will insure consistency throughout the whole renovation project.

In the bottom picture you can see an example of a ceiling shower installation. In the bathroom as well as other places designers are working hard to come up with new ideas.  You can see that this person has many options on how to shower herself with this luxury shower kit.  She can select the handheld showerhead, the wall showerhead, the wall showerjets (vertical spa concept) or even the ceiling showerhead. The new showerhead sets are designed to work together as a kit.  Water will stream from the ceiling head or shower from the telephone showerhead, or a combination at same time.   As is this was not enough, now many luxury kits allow you to have multiple jets of water coming out of the wall massaging your body while you are using the telephone showerhead to cleanse yourself.  These more luxurious shower kits obviously will require a bit more work when installing, but it is all a matter of choice and affordability. More about this here.

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