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Ideas for shower knobs... how to choose?

Shower knobs of today

Here on display I show you a few ideas of the shower knobs you will find in hardware stores of today. While of course some are outright ugly, the matter here is one of taste. The first thing to consider in this purchase of course if the finish of the shower knob and showerhead. Thankfully there are far less finishes available today than there are knobs! The common finishes for bathroom fixtures are, if we take Moen as an example: chrome, brushed bronze, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, antique bronze, platinum and satine. The important thing here is to keep a consistency throughout the bathroom, so the finish for the showerhead and knob must be the same as the finish of the faucet. It would also be advisable although not necessary, to use the same finish on bathroom accessories as well. Each finish fits with a certain generic style you may be trying to achieve... i.e. oil rubbed bronze appliances will create this antique look many crave. Chrome has more that futuristic aspect for bathrooms aligned this way. Of course once you have selected such a finish, the vanity and mirror absolutely must reflect that style also. I have displayed here a few different models of showerheads and knobs varying with the most popular finishes I have just mentioned. Shower knob and showerhead models and possibilities are endless; we will discuss this more in depth in the showerhead section.

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