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A daily shower massage in your own bathroom

The shower spa concept

The relatively new shower with jets, now available at reasonable prices.  A renovator now has many choices as many manufacturers have this in their product line; under different names.  Moen calls it the vertical spa, Kohler calls it the body spa, as examples.  Also, below you can see a closeup picture to the Iodigital controller (from Moen) that is used to control the vertical spa, with the digital application.  The conventional thermostatic non-digital valve of course is also available.  As a reminder, if you wish to go back to main bathroom design page, click the link.

the Io digital control from Moen vertical spa from Moen

As you can see this new concept seems like a very interesting luxury idea... who wouldn't like a nice shower massage?  The only drawback to this type of shower would be price and installation.  Price is entirely up to you, and your situation; but as for installation goes, not every bathroom can accomodate one of these.  The typical shower needs at least 40 psi of water pressure which is much more than what city water can provide; so in this case an extra pump is highly recommended.  The key here is where you will hide that pump, and how to install it.  I am pretty sure any qualified plumber will find a solution, I am just making sure proper questions are being asked before starting the buying process.

verticalspa in action

Here are below a few more examples of the thermostatic versions of current shower jet units from Moen. While being less technological by their own nature, they work just as well and are cheaper to maintain, should anything happen. Either case, the choice is yours, depending on your priorities. Some bathrooms might look too old-fashinoned with the thermostatic unit; while some tech-savvy owner's house would never pass up this opportunity for this extra electronic functionality. Each house has its own application.

vertical spa parts

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