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The showerhead. Funny how such a physically small part of the bathroom has so many implications and consequences. In other words it is an important part of modern bathroom design that needs proper attention in order to be executed 'just right'. First off there is your general bathroom design and mood you are trying to accomplish. Then there is functionality, as this specific object gets used many times a day; how do you like to use it? Then there is efficiency, as we are more and more preoccupied (and righfully so) by saving our planet, our natural environment. All these aspects of the showerhead need to be adressed separately.

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The design of the showerhead of course needs to follow a general theme that was decided upon for the whole bathroom. As I will show you later in this page, it is possible to go really crazy with showerheads, as there are so many different choices available out there. Please allow yourself to be a little creative here, you wont regret it! Just keep in mind serviceability of course as when you will need replacement parts for your shower they have to be readily available, at that time. That being said the showerhead is one part of the shower that typically will not require frequent maintenance. Of course there will be different finishes available for many showerheads, so this will have to have been already decided prior to ordering this appliance.

May I now speak about the important environment aspect? Not the most entertaining aspect of course but nonetheless extremely important. As we all know our civilization has evolved to very high-hygiene standards, and this means high water consumption. As the water going through the shower has to be heated as well, there is also an energy aspect to this. The idea here of course is to have a showerhead that will dispense water as efficiently and sparsely as possible. Efficiently means you will feel, as you take your shower, you have plenty of water to do the job, while actually not using as much as non-efficient showers. So here in american standards our choices are expressed in spent gallons per minute. As a general guide, the better showers are close to 1.75 gal/min and the worst ones circle 2.5 gal/min. This is another aspect often overlooked, but still important.

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Then there is functionality... what exactly do you expect, taking a shower? Do you wish to feel it like rain coming down on you (ceiling shower) or do you need to control the flow of things (hand-held shower). You can even get a daily massage in your shower nowadays with the 'vertical spa' or shower jet concept, as more horizontal water jets coming out of the shower wall complete the whole experience. Then again, no-compromise solutions are available out there as you can install a vertical spa with a hand held shower... Here are a few thoughts on the shower wall jets.

So for your bathroom design project you need to balance each aspect and this page helps you see all that is available out there.

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