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There are many cool things available as for the powder room vanity; the idea of course here is that you only have limited space to create that mood you want to achieve; this can be a blessing in disguise as it is much easier to make a small room feel like it is well furnished and decorated, so take this to your advantage. Once again, this bathroom will be the one your guests will mostly visit... so the idea is to create this peaceful, inviting and sober powder room that will make you and your guests will feel welcome. With this in mind it is easy to understand the crucial importance the powder room vanity has... it is the centerpiece!

Naturally the powder room vanity you will install will be a smaller, single sink unit; and this does not mean that it will be bland...  We show you here a few modern ideas for vanities on sale right now in plumbing and hardware stores; as you can see there are many types of modern vanities to choose from, starting by the simplest all the way to the more elaborate! The teak wood is quite often presented today, along with mahogany or simulated mahogany units.

a powder room vanity   another powder room vanity unit

You can see below some more ideas for the powder room vanity; the picture on the left shows a more elaborate unit and on the right is a display of simpler single units from a section of a hardware store. For more modern bathroom design ideas, go back to the main page following that link.

an elaborate powder room vanity   powder room vanities


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