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Designing a powder room and all its possibilities

Creative ideas for remodelling a fresh new homey powder room!

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The powder room is, by definition, the smallest bathroom of your house, and it is the one that your guests will see the most often. Here we need to create a functional bathroom that will also reflect the general decorating mood of the house, while being comfortable and inviting (if you want your guests to feel at ease!). So, in this section we shall discuss the possibilities a powder room gives us from a design point of view.

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So we have said that thhe powder room, also referred to by guest bathroom or half bath, is in fact the smallest in size of all your bathrooms; it is expected to have only a sink, a mirror and a toilet. You will always find this small bathroom on the first floor of the house; the powder room will be the one where your guests will be directed, while keeping your master bathroom and bedrooms area private. In real estate, any house that has a renovated nice powder room starts with a strong edge against one that doesn't have one, as the presence of powder rooms are well appreciated by prospective house buyers. As with most money spent in renovating bathrooms, money invested in your powder room generates a very interesting return on your investment.

Now let's go a bit further into this topic and we will discuss certain design possibilities and some ideas about what you can do with your powder room.

We can approach this design topic in many ways, but basically almost any powder room or half-bath can be broken down into 4 main aspects: the vanity, the toilet, the mirror and the accessories. All these aspects present choices that will fit any budget, depending on the mood you are trying to create.

Here are some ideas as for the moods you can create: the modern antique looking powder room, the futuristic powder room, the true antique half bath, the simple contemporary style or any other possible style you can think of!

Powder room vanities, The bathroom mirror, The toilet itself

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