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Step IV: insulation of the outer wall

Fourth step in the building of our new bathroom

outer wall insulation
And here is our favorite first point of view: the future shower location.

new bathroom outer wall insulating
Now the insulation behind the vanity; notice how convenient it is
to work in a completely new bathroom environment! Pipes are safely
recessed in a perfectly straight wall...

Nut much was done specifically to our new bathroom in itself here. Because this house is being built in Canada, of course thermal insulation is given a lot of attention, the local climate being harsh at times. Here we want to keep the warmth inside in winter. But even in Southern US where the climate is very warm thermal insulation is also carried out very meticulously with almost the same materials but with a different objective in mind: keep the heat outside! In this step, the insulation was carried out throughout the whole house, in all the walls that form the outer walls of the house. So here we applied pink mineral wool in all the wall framing, and stapled a plastic sheet to cover it all.

It is at this point also that we can sound proof specific rooms in the house; but using another type of mineral wool designed for sound proofing, along with a few more materials. There are many applications where sound proofing can be a good idea, such as a home theater room, a home music studio, etc...
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