modern bathroom

Step II: construction of the wall framing, and preparation

First steps in the making of the new bathroom

a shower structure
This is where the shower will be built; you can see already
the markings on the plywood floor indicating where the acrylic
shower base will be installed.
bathroom wall structure
This is where the bathroom vanity with its two sinks will be.

corner bathtub wood structure
The structure that most makes one think of things to come: the corner tub's
wooden framing structure.

the beginning of a new bathroom
A view of the whole bathroom seen when standing in the tub; to the right
will be door leading to the master's bedroom.

Now the house's outer structure is up; the room divisions are up with wall framing. The roof is done and finished; so are the windows... we are now ready for work inside the actual house, as the inside is now protected from nature's elements.

To go back to page one of this series about new bathroom design, click the link underlined here. So basically all that was done here are the house divisions and the wooden structure that will receive the corner tub. Notice how outer wall insulation has started as well. Following the guidelines laid by the house plan, lines were drawn on the floor, precisely outlining where the different bathroom accessories will be installed. The next two profesionnals that will pay us a visit will be the plumber who will do his initial rough work and the electrician.

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