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Documentary: Making a new bathroom from design to construction

The progression in the construction of a brand new bathroom, from design to delivery

new bathroom project steps

A brand new bathroom! What better way is there to illustrate current bathroom design trends... In this section of this site we will explore the whole progression of the building of a new bathroom in a new house just being constructed. Over the next few pages I will show you how this project progressed, from its initial design up until completion. Once again this information is here to help you with ideas in designing a new bathroom or in remodelling an older one.

The purpose in doing this is for you to witness modern bathroom construction techniques, as well as the new design ideas of the day. The whole bathroom project lasted for about 3 months from beginning to completion, but during this time frame the whole house was erected... so naturally not all this time was devoted to this room alone. The original generic plans from the builder were customized significantly, so that in this house we could have a larger and nicer bathroom, with better and fancier accessories. The main bathroom is a very important part of a house and this way of designing it will certainly give the house a nice touch, not to mention higher resale value in the years to come. So please stay with us and keep on reading this section...

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Index linking to each individual step in the whole new bathroom project:

Step 2: new bathroom's basic wood structure
Step 3: initial rough plumbing work
Step 4: Outer wall thermal insulation
Step 5: close the walls, installation of the acrylic shower base
Step 6:Installing our bathroom's floor tiles
Step 7: installing the ceramic tiles in the shower.
Step 8: Installing basebooards and window moldings
Step 9: Painting the walls; installing bathroom showerhead and shower knob
Step 10: Installing the dual vanity, toilet and finalising the shower
Step 11: Decorating the bathroom

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