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Step X: The modern bathroom vanity installed, shower finalised

This new bathroom design is almost complete!

modern vanity
The superb finalised vanity setup. We have picked a nice, dark
contrasting color which also gives this bathroom a touch of luxury.

modern vanity with lights open
The vanity unit, under its vanity lights lighting.

the modern vanity bowl, up close
The very trendy vanity bowl; sink from American Standard(tm),
assorted faucet from Moen(tm).
toilet cabinet, up close
The toilet, finally installed and operational! This is an
American Standard(tm) water saver ecological model.

the finalised shower
Last but not least: the shower, now completed.

We are now ready for the installation of very important items part of any bathroom, such as the dual bathroom vanity, the toilet, and the shower walls! Everything is progressing as outlined in the contractor's schedule without any major setbacks. The owners of this new house were very involved throughout the construction process and have always kept an eye on what step was done when. This way of keeping track of progress indeed helped a lot the progression of the work as any mistake on the building company's part was quickly noted and fixed.

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