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Modern Bathroom Design ideas for 2012

Up to date ideas for this year!

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Planning on refreshing your bathroom for 2012? An enhanced functionality, aesthetics and creature comforts are the three aspects to consider... So we don't get left behind design trends while keeping a touch of originality, this year we dare to try new things!

A Feng Shui inspired bathroom, a refuge, a masculine or feminine styled bathroom, traditional, romantic or modern? Having chosen a specific style or mood at the very beginning will guide you with all your choices and will allow you to save both time and money. You can inspire yourself from your own personality and personal tastes... What kind of mood would you like to achieve: warm, sober, elegant, comfy or outright eccentric and exuberant? To help you with these choices we invite you to start by going through our modern bathroom design site's many useful pages, along with decoration magazines taking note of the specific decors you liked.

Colors. In perfect harmony, bathroom colors have to blend themselves together and combine with bathroom furniture and accessories, existing or to be purchased later. Whether neutral or vivd, the selected color shades must create a positive vibration on you... Do not hesitate to pick dark and contrasting colors; they will emphasize and define the sink, wooden vanity and bathtub.

Shower and bathtub. With the size of modern bathrooms having reached unprecedented dimensions, this of course allows us to choose a nice Italian-style shower or even something as slick as an in-floor bathtub, this year's ultimate innovation. A new universe of beauty and modernity, they become an integral part of the house's achitecture...

Sink and faucetry. The mood of the whole bathroom will be reinforced and defined by these two central accessoiries; many new models are available today at today's hardware stores... stone, concrete and metal will be this year's most sought-after finishes, as the natural and pure presentation of these elements evoke their genuine nobility and authenticity.

Furniture and accessories. Again, antique-styled bathroom furniture still have their place in this year's bathrooms with all the style an warmth they bring to the mood of the bathroom. Antique furniture such as an old chest of drawers found at antique stores or grandma's attic can be modified to receive a sink and matching faucets... something very chic!

Led lighting under the corner bath. A modern, cool idea to create that special atmosphere.

Floor ceramic tiles and all. A discussion on this basic, but very important element.

Tile up that wall, too! Easy maintenance and good looks...

Ideas for faucets of today. See here faucets for sale today.

The all important showerhead. Overlooked, but very important aspect.

Shower knobs. Choose your shower knob with the help of this page.

Showers seen up close. A page focusing on this aspect of the bathroom.

A few guidelines and pointers to bathroom decorating, last step, when all else is done.

Modern bathroom vanities. A few nice examples of bathroom vanities here.

Antique bathroom vanities. These fit well vintage homes whose owners want
to preserve that antique look...

A dream bathroom, let's dream a little bit...

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