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Designing a relaxing master bedroom bathroom

This is YOUR sacred place to relax and unwind after a long day...

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The master bedroom bathroom is the most private area of the house; not every house or master bedrooms has one. This bathroom is designed to give some privacy to adult parents from their children or from guests staying over, as it allows them to retire to their quarters when the guests are sleeping and kids are sound asleep. Theoritically, once the master bedroom door has closed, the adults occupying it won't need to come out of it until the next morning... fresh and ready to tackle another day!

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The master bedroom bathroom typically is a full bathroom; it has a one or two station vanity, a toilet, a shower and a bath, depending on available space. Naturally this bathroom connects to the master bedroom, and there is no other access to this bathroom in the case of a true master bedroom bath. Because of its nature, here the homeowners will create a private bathroom that can really be very creative in design; the design of this bathroom will fully reflect the homeowner's tastes and what they like, as it does not necessarily have to follow the general mood of the house; since it is only very occasionally that guests or kids will get to see this bathroom; this bathroom is truly a gift to the homeowners...

How do we design or remodel this bathroom, now... A modern style? Futuristic? Antique? There are of course many different possibilities depending on the area and budget available for the project. As with other areas of the house there are options for every size and budget available. Let's break the design of this bathroom down to it's base elements: the main aspects for a master bedroom bathroom will be then: the decoration, the full vanity, the toilet, the bath and shower.

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