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The granite vanity countertop

The granite countertop, on your vanity... luxury for your bathroom at its best! Granite comes from the inner-eaths magma rising then cooling down, under a specific set of conditions in terms of pressure and temperature. Over the billions of years our earth has existed these circumstances have occured many times, and therefore, our planet is nowhere near a shortage of granite. Granite is expensive because it is very labor-intensive, not because it is rare. A granite countertop has to, by definition, be carved out of a large enough rock, then polished and treated, in order to gain its lustrous finish. With all this handling and expertise involved comes the higher price of granite. However, because of the fact some vanities are small, prices can be reasonable, too.

But as the saying goes... granite is eternal! In a way it is a very durable material, and used with proper maintenance and care it will keep its shine and glow for many, many years. It is not the purpose of this page to expand much in the area of granite maintenance but let's just say granite hates strong chemical products such as Windex, bleach (and all products containing bleach) vinegar, lemon juice etc... By avoiding the pitfalls and doing the (minimal) maintenance granite needs your granite ocuntertop will retain the same appearance as when new for years and years.
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