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Step III: rough plumbing and installation of the corner bathtub

Third step in the making of our new bathroom

the new showers rough wall plumbing
Again, the future shower spot; now with the pipes running
through wall framing. Stacks of mineral wool were left here,
in preparation for the next step.

plumbing for the bathroom vanity
The initial plumbing necessary for our two sink bathroom vanity, and the
toilet on the right. Trivial but important: the mineral wool insulation was
placed before and under the pipes, as it is much easier and cleaner, therefore
efficient than if done after. Notice the vent going up towards the roof...

new corner bathtub
The plumber here did all necessary plumbing for the corner bathtub,
then proceeded installing the bathtub itself. Again,
mineral wool was placed before boxing anything in.
corner bathtub up close
A closer view of the corner bathtub.

In this step we had the visit of the plumber, who did all the rough plumbing for the whole house; including of course, our new bathroom.

To revert back to first page of this series on designing a new bathroom, click the link underlined here. So what was done was to pass all the pipes through the wall framing, following of course the plans of the house; but as you might know typical house plans leave a lot of leeway when it comes to where and how the pipes will go. Where the plumber passes the pipes is mostly dictated by where the appliances will be and city regulations as for the house vent, ensuring that you have proper slope for all the drains, etc... Which is why hiring a certified professionnal is important as his experience is very valuable. Plumbing looks easy as you can now buy all the parts at the local hardware store, but some bathrooms are being built by weekend renovators with minor irritating defects that, once all the walls are closed-up, are very hard to find, and irritating to live with.

The plumber also has installed the corner bathtub; one thing about corner bathtubs is that they leave very little access to fix the plumbing when something breaks; but this is how things are done in this day and age as opposed to previously when we tried to make the plumbing accessible through a closet located behind the bathroom.

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