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Ideas for faucets of today

Here we present you ideas for the faucets you can buy today. Aside from the obvious question of aesthetics, some important technical data has to be at hand while shopping for these.  The type of counter will dictate a few details like how many holes does the faucet need.  The distance between holes is also important as too long a distance spread means the area covered will be large, which might look weird on a smaller sink.   I have to thank MOEN inc. warmly for their excellent products, and I am displaying here MOEN products. Be ready when you order your fixture to order exactly what your final plan calls for, as you can select not only the faucet model, but also the finish you like, almost anytime, with todays faucets; finish touches such as: chrome, brushed, brass, antique, etc...   As mentioned before, the finish you choose has to integrate well with the rest of your bathroom ideas. Here are a few examples of faucets today in stores:
MOEN faucet MOEN 2nd faucet MOEN another faucet

As featured on our page with bathrooms from tomorrow, certain types of faucets are now electronically controlled, with digital dials that can control water temperature, water flow, and such.  Perhaps one day, all faucets will come this way.  Very nice and futuristic, these are fairly new products on the market so you can expect installation to be a little more challenging as your usual plumber might look a little skeptical.  But no worries, all manufacturers have packaged and planned everything well, so installation shouldn't be much of a problem.

MOEN digital faucet MOEN digital faucet2 MOEN digital faucet of tomorrow

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