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This is the most important bathroom of the house...

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The family bathroom is the full bathroom found in the bedrooms area of the house; this is the bathroom we all fight over on those busy mornings! This bathroom is the most frequently used bathroom of the house; a title it disputes tightly with the powder room. In modern bathroom design, every house has a family bathroom; sometimes more. If a house has only one bathroom then it will be of this type. Family bathrooms are usually the largest in size of all the bathrooms of the house. We are expecting a lot from this room: family bathrooms have to meet many objectives: they have to be child-proof, safe, robust and practical while also be pleasant, clean and nice to look at... Practicality, safety and a sense of purpose are the order of the day here.

Being the most frequent bathroom type encountered across all homes, designing a family bathroom will give you many possibilities; because of its huge market, all designers and plumbing/accessory makers have invested a lot of efforts to propose to the homeowners a lot of nice and useful accessories for it.

The family bathroom typically is a full bathroom; it has a one or two station vanity, a toilet, a shower and a bath, or a combined shower with bath, depending on available space. This bathroom connects to the same hallway that leads to the bedrooms adjacent to it. In some cases there will be a door from the master bedroom, also. Because of its purpose, here the homeowners might decorate this bathroom with things that aren't in the way; color and stylistically speaking this bathroom should try to respect the general mood signature of the house as it is right in the middle of it, as opposed to the master bedroom bathroom which is recessed in its private corner.

How do we design a family bathroom now you ask... Of course there are many styles and all manufacturers have worked hard to provide you all the accessories you need with your specific styling in mind. The important thing that this website tries to help with is to show you what is out there so you can plan ahead already knowing what is available; not all hardware stores have all on the main floor for you to see, but everything is available to order once you know what you want. Let's break the design of the family bathroom down to it's basic elements: the decoration, the full vanity, the toilet, the bath and shower.

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