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Dream Bathroom Design

Images of dream bathrooms for the tech-savvy

Here are beautiful images of dream bathrooms presented in order to inspire you on your modern bathroom renovation project.  Of course these pictures depict the extreme in todays design, however some ideas here can be picked up in a more conventional bathroom.  As mentioned before, the bathroom of today occupies a larger area, is well lighted, and has earned its rightful place in your heart.   It is a room where we enjoy some of those rare moments of solitude and peace, accordingly we have to feel good being there, as all the design has to inspire harmony.  To go back to main bathroom design page, click the link.

In the following picture we see a well-lighted urban bathroom, designed in a fully renovated older building, as seen by the high ceilings. I personnally liked very much the nice color balance between white and pale blue, a very soothing combination. See also the balcony, accessible directly from the bathroom; with a nice view of the city.  How is that for a dream bathroom!

dream bathroom view

Here is another completely different bathroom design. Again very well-lighted, this one incorporates earthen colors.  This bathroom is somewhat smaller that the other one. Pay attention to the electronic faucets for the bathtub (by Moen©) and in the shower, how they were installed to blend in the background without crowding the scenery.  In my other pages you will find more down to earth bathroom ideas; it is however important to have nice examples in mind, as you begin to visualise your future dream bathroom of your own.

another modern bathroom

another point of view of this modern bathroom

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