modern bathroom

Step I: drawing the plans of our new bathroom project

The progression in the construction of a new bathroom, from design until completion

New bathroom plans

Please note the informations on the new bathroom plan we see here are written in french.
'Salle de bain' means bathroom, 'Douche' means shower and 'Tandem' designates the corner bathtub,
which will be big enough for two.

Drawing and customizing the new bathroom's plans... first and probably the most important step of the whole project. In this case here the new owners met with the construction builder in charge of building this area, and he provided a few generic plans for constructing a new home that could fit their budget. As mentioned throughout this site, we begin by defining the objectives we have for this bathroom, how or who will be using this new bathroom. In this project's case, the couple building the house have altered the generic plans considerably to suit their actual needs. The children have left the family nest, so there was less of a need for that spare bedroom that was included in the original generic plans; so instead we opted here for deleting the extra bedroom and replacing it with a large bathroom; and where the planned small bathroom was originally placed we will now have a nice large walk-in closet instead.

To resume to the beginning of this series about new bathroom design, click the link underlined here. Notice how this main bathroom will communicate with both the masters bedroom and the living room, for added convenience. There will be two sinks, an enclosed shower with a separate corner bathtub, with windows overlooking this house's nice backyard.  In the next few steps I will demonstrate now how the building process went, through all the different steps.

Step 2: new bathroom's basic wood structure

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Index linking to each of the other steps in this new bathroom project:

Step 3: initial rough plumbing work
Step 4: Outer wall thermal insulation
Step 5: close the walls, installation of the acrylic shower base
Step 6:Installing our bathroom's floor tiles
Step 7: installing the ceramic tiles in the shower.
Step 8: Installing basebooards and window moldings
Step 9: Painting the walls; installing bathroom showerhead and shower knob
Step 10: Installing the dual vanity, toilet and finalising the shower
Step 11: Decorating the bathroom

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