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Step XI: Decorating the bathroom

The final touches make all the difference...

bathroom window horizontal blinds
A general view of our new bathroom, in a now inhabitated house. In
decorating this bathroom, great care was taken in picking matching colors.

corner shower shlef unit
A convenient corner shelf unit for the shower...

Vanity with bathroom tools in place
The vanity, now with all it's daily usage tools in place. The strategic
placemement of all the items here create all the warmth this bathroom
toilet cabinet, again
The toilet, now with plenty of reading material and wooden
paper dispenser; again all working toward creating a warm and
friendly atmosphere.

Last step in this documentary section about the progress in making a new bathroom: the newly built house is now finally inhabitated by its happy new owners. Naturally the only things that were still missing in our bathroom development was all the accessories, fixtures and appliances usually found in a master bathroom. Great efforts have been taken here to maintain the color scheme while creating a casual, warm and friendly atmosphere.  We can see here a nice plant,
accessories that match in color and style the theme chosen here; and we have to admit... the outcome is beautiful!

Here we are now, at the end of this documentary about building a new modern bathroom. I hope you have enjoyed reading this section and I hope that it will provide you with useful ideas towards making your own modern bathroom design. To return back to the first page of this section on: new bathroom design.

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