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Contemporary Bathroom Design Applications

The putting it all together complete reference!

In this section we will summarize all the concepts we have discussed of on this site and integrate them to actually start designing bathrooms! We will see here different bathroom applications and what we can do in real life situations. First you need to select the category bathroom you will be building or renovating between the three generic bathroom types there are, to begin this process select the bathroom type below. At the level after you will be shown the different aspects to consider regarding each type of bathroom; each bathroom design project will be broken down into it's core elements and how they work together.

Then of course comes the styling aspect... of course there is a great deal of personal taste in this matter but there are things that work together and others that don't; each section will discuss styling as per each style you are trying to achieve for your bathroom...

To begin with this section, click on the type of bathroom you want to design or remodel:

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