modern bathroom

Step V: drywall and acrylic shower base

Our new bathroom is shaping up!

acrylic shower base location
The acrylic shower base was installed, as per floor markings and plan.
Things are moving ahead at a nice pace...

the acrylic shower base
Our new shower's acrylic base. In this project we are
building a ceramic tile shower with two transparent walls.

The wall where the twin sink bathroom vanity will go,
finally closed and ready for paint.

corner bathtub
Note that we used green drywall here, rated for applications where there
is water present, such as in this obvious case!

Three things took place in this phase: first the wood framing was closed with drywall sheets of two different types, then the acrylic base for the shower was installed, and finally joint compound was applied to conceal those unsightly joins between drywall sheets.  You will notice here we used on most walls the
standard drywall gypsum sheets and we also used greenboard drywall sheets next to the tub.  Greenboard drywall sheets are covered with a water resistant paper, while the gypsum sandwiched between the paper sheets is exactly the same.  One good trick to soundproof a room is to use 5/8" thick sheets instead of the standard 1/2" thick ones; the 5/8" ones are also considered as flame retardant as they use a different type of gypsum to make them.

To go back to page one of this series about new bathroom design, click the link underlined here. Note the person who placed the drywall sheets did not close up the walls behind the shower, as the base was not present at the time and the base absolutely has to be placed first; this and of course also the fact that behind the shower tiles we will use a different type of material that is 100% water resistant, such as Permabase cement boards. So in this project we see that in this bathroom three different types of drywall sheets were used: regular gypsum, greenboard and the upcoming Permabase boards.

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