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Bathroom wall tiles

That finishing touch in a bathroom design: Tile these walls up!

Once you have laid out your ceramic tiles on the floor, what better way to complement this by decorating your bathroom with nice wall ceramic tiles! Because you dont have to walk on walls of course, this opens many possibilities from a purely decorative point of view; on your walls you can really choose whatever you like. Ceramic tile makers have created for us a great many different designs that can be used here. There are even ceramic tiles that have a metallic finish... here you have tiles with stainless steel, pewter, bronze and aluminum finishes available; and in case you are wondering, these tiles are indeed protected against rust or oxidization, so their finish should not change over the years.

A smaller bathroom but also a nice example of a bathroom recently renovated using
early 1900's white Subway antique-style wall tiles. White actually helps create an impression
of more space than there is. While this bathroom's mood certainly isn't an antique one,
those white subway tiles work well with the chosen appliances. Small tile joints here
work well with this type of tile.
Nice bathroom wall tiles design
See the nice pattern created on the wall with
that smaller tile mosaic? Simple, inexpensive
and stylish!

To return to the bathroom design home page, click the link provided here. As mentioned elsewhere in this site, many makers of ceramic tiles will offer a special tile with a design next to the regular tile of the same color; using such design tiles can really make a big difference in your wall tile design!  Then again, grout color will be a factor here. A few strategies here for that choice you have to make between pale joints and later ease of maintenance. There are grouts that are mixed with some kind of plastic polymer, specifically made for areas that will get splashed by water. Or you can make the joints smaller, less predominant and then of course you can use darker grout shades.

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