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Here is the bathroom vanity, or what you can expect to see in showrooms in today's hardware stores. As mentioned before, the trend these days is towards a more natural look, without compromising on any of the functionalities we had in the past. The idea is to have this peaceful, quiet and sober room that anyone will feel good in. So now the bathroom vanity furniture has become an important piece of the house furniture in its own right.  Not too long ago some visionaries were taking the huge risk of converting antique pieces of family furniture into vanities; of course we do not need to go that lenght nowadays as there are many choices out there, and that antique piece of furniture look is definitely in style! So these precursors were right, in a way. You can get a closer look at these nice brand new, but antique-looking vanities here.
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Now, moving on to exclusive bathrooms, nothing expresses more luxury than granite. And yes, you can get a countertop made out of granite to complement that vanity! See the granite vanity countertop here. To return to main bathroom design page, click this link. These pictures show you some of the many possibilities you have in terms of bathroom vanity today. Please take the time and do not hesitate to spend a little more money on this piece of furniture for your bathroom; it will add value to the whole house.

When planning your new vanity furniture you must ask yourself a few key questions, such as:  what do you expect from it; do you need extra storage to avoid clutter or you would rather go for that sober and moderate look (and no storage)? Do you want to fill in all of the corner's available space with countertop for convenience or would you rather keep the area open, with a small unit for a more open, restrained and quiet look?  Will you need that second sink?  All these are very important question you need to ask yourself before proceeding to the hardware store...

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