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Step VI: installation of the bathroom ceramic floor tiles

First let's tile up that floor...

permabase cement boards
Here we finally installed the Permabase cement boards, behind and on the
side of our new shower. Permabase boards are completely water resistant
and provide an ideal rough surface to glue a shower's ceramic tiles on.
the acrylic shower base
Let's place only a few tiles, just to give us a taste of how things
will look like very, very soon!

corner bathtub
Et voilà! Our corner bathtub with its ceramic tiles installed!
Notice the nice special pattern that was chosen to go above the first row...

ceramic tiles
A closer view of our bathroom flooring, now with nice ceramic tiles

So as discussed earlier, in this step in building our new bathroom we installed some Permabase cement boards in our shower.  As this area will obviously receive a lot of water, this Permabase material is completely water resistant: meaning it won't rot, swell or disintegrate; which is why it was used here, as our shower's walls will be made of ceramic. Previously when we used to have complete acrylic shower enclosures, we didn't have to worry about large amounts of water hitting our ceramic tiles; but in modern bathroom design nowadays things are done differently. With these new ideas now come new creative solutions.

One big step in our new bathroom's esthetics was to install the floor ceramic tiles... we have picked here nice large and rustic looking high-quality ceramic tiles.  This trend for using this type of ceramic tiles seems to endure, as they have been in use for more than 10 years now.  Previously we had those factory printed tiles and the infamous slippery shiny tiles... not anymore!  Here we used a non-contrasting tile grout, with slim 1/8" tile joins.

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