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Step IX: Paint job, and installing the shower knob with its showerhead

Modern bathroom design at its best!

new paint job in bathroom
In this picture you can see the final color we picked for the bathroom;
which is in the same tone as what was picked for the rest of the house

other view for our paint job in our new bathroom
We painted the baseboards white to create a nice contrast with the
color of the wall.

chrome showerhead and knob in the shower
Shower knob and showerhead finally installed;

chrome finish showerhead from Moen (tm)
This nice and trendy chrome finish showerhead from Moen (tm) has
two modes: it can be used with rain mode with big droplets or as regular
shower mode, with tiny droplets coming in at high speed.

Grohe (tm) chrome finish shower knob
The shower knob in place, from Grohe(tm). This one was chosen
for its very practical convenience of how it works.

With every paintable part of the bathroom in place and before the vanity and mirror soon to arrive, it was the perfect time to paint the bathroom to its final colors. The construction contract includes only white paint throughout the house; but the new owners followed carefully the building process so that they could come in and paint the colors they wanted in the end, with less obstruction from the furniture and all. Also painting your own colors right away is a good idea as the white the contractor puts everywhere is very forgiving to a sloppy joint job. Now with this final color we were able to see the places where the drywall guy had missed and now he has to come back in to fix these mistakes, which we caught, thanks to that color.

We have installed in this step also the nice modern showerhead and shower knob. The finish that was chosen for these is shiny chrome, which will match
well with the upcoming modern accessories the owners will choose to place in this bathroom.

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