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The bathroom mirror

Every bathroom has one; but there are many possibilities...

Let's talk about the bathroom mirror... in every bathroom it is expected to be there, yet if I asked you to describe the last one you saw in detail this would probably prove a difficult exercise... The reason for this of course is that when we look at the mirror it isn't the actual mirror we are looking at! The tradition of putting a mirror in a powder room dates back to the very beginning and definition of the powder room. Now this essential part of all bathroom comes in many shapes with many functions and possibilities. As with the rest of the bathroom the key is to pick a mirror that will be in harmony with the rest of the room. If you wish to go back to main modern bathroom design applications page, click that link.

Now, the main categories of bathroom mirrors are: the bathroom mirror cabinet, the framed mirror, the mirror with cabinet on the side and the folding bathroom mirror.

* For a more retro look and the added practicality, there is nothing like a mirror cabinet; there are very nice ones available today made of wood that will harmonize itself with the rest of the furniture of your bathroom, as you can see below.

bathroom mirror cabinet

* Now for the simple, yet very efficient framed bathroom mirror! This one works well in many different types of bathrooms moods, as there really is an infinite amount of different frames and sizes you can pick for this type of mirror. A nicely done antique border finish will complete that antique look; while a thick dark frame will help confirm a contemporary look... possibilities are endless! A small bathroom will benefit from a large mirror reaching all the way to the ceiling as this will create an impression of space.

bathroom framed mirror

* Mirror unit with storage cabinet on the side: practicality, warmth and a modern look... Using the wood type and color will match that of the rest of your bathroom.

a modern bathroom mirror with storage cabinet on the side

* You can see below a folding mirror: this type is much less frequently seen, so it can add a touch of originality to your bathroom. By definition, the folding mirror gives the ladies a convenient 180 degree view of their head and this is a good help when styling our own hair...

A folding bathroom mirror
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