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How things have changed dramatically since the 1990s! The size of the main masters bathroom is about the same large size it was back then, but its look is now completely different. Nowadays we see a return to natural and true solid materials, such as wood, glass and granite. These come in a variety of prices, tailored to fit every budget.

Take the ceramic tiles to begin with; the ceramic tiles used today have this rustic, crude look; in fact, in a batch of the good tiles like these, it is almost impossible to find two identical tiles. This creates a warmer, friendlier mood. The idea here of bathroom design is to distance ourselves from the cold industrial product look of the 1990s. We have now brought back a warmer and more natural look to this important room of the house. One more thing to look at in bathroom design is the return of wood, wether painted of stained. The vanity mirrors can now incorporate wooden frames around them, which brings back once again this idea of warmth, with a touch of retro cues at the same time.
Shower doors are now completely transparent. New technology and new ideas allow us now to add to the previous ease of installing a shower enclosure unit with the natural beauty of laying ceramic tiles in the actual shower enclosure itself; so now what the eye sees is ceramic tiles as opposed to the 'white' polymer unit we had before.

This new bathroom design for the 21st century kept all the convenience ideas from the 1990s, while incorporating a warmer, more natural look we had seen in much earlier periods.

Led lighting under the corner bath. A modern, cool idea to create that special atmosphere.

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A dream bathroom, let's dream a little bit...

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