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Modern Bathroom Decorating Resources

Practical advice on decorating your bathroom

1st) Bathroom decorating doesn't have to be a large and involving project. For instance, the small size of many bathrooms means that it is easy to repaint the walls by yourself, without having to resort to pay for the services of professional painters. Before starting a bathroom painting job, of course the walls have to be perfectly clean and dry.

2nd) Choose a bright color to paint the walls of a smaller bathroom: this will give it luminosity, something important especially if the bathroom does not have a window. If you dont mind experimenting with something new, and are hesitating between two colors, you can try painting half the room one color, and the other half another color. Or paint all the walls off white color, and then apply an adhesive strip or a line of tiles for baths to the same height for all four walls, or paint simply a line of approximately 15 cm high in a deep color to the same height on all the walls. This creates a nice color contrast.

3rd) Choose the accessories with a color that matches and strenghten the general mood we are trying to achieve. Pads, shower curtain, soapdish, fixture for toothbrushes, wastebasket, accessories for towels and rolls of bathroom tissue - up to the lid of the toilet if we want to go this far!

4th) Place close by the toilet a well-picked, decorative basket. Place inside a cloth (again using a contrasting color that fits you color scheme) and then a few rolls of role.

5th) Certain interior plants can live well in bathrooms and they bring with them an economic way of decorating. To place in shelves, or if none are free, sitting on a wooden stool or a simple box covered with a pretty cloth. Choose plants with large leafs that do not need much light.

6th) If there is enough place on your bathroom shelves, other possible decorations can be ancient perfume bottles or full crystal boats, one conch maybe and nice stones; use your imaginatiom here.

7th) Nice curtains can be an attraction in the corners of a bathroom - and having nice curtains close by always come in handy for a romantic or simply relaxing mood. Install big curtains in the corners of the bath or in the shelves, the window ….

8th) Buy contrasting color soaps. Coordinates the colors of the soaps with the color of the walls and of the sails. Little ballos of oil for the bath of different colors and cotton placed small little bolls cestitas also serve to make the ambience warm and interesting.

9th) Buy decorative towels, with deep colors and place them on a small table or in a basket, folded one over the other.

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