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Step VIII: Installing the baseboards and window moldings

Perfect fitting baseboard trim is an art...

freshly-installed baseboards
What has changed in this picture since the last time? That was
an easy question since this is a page about baseboards after all...

molding going around bathroom door
Bathroom baseboards now running around
the door leading to the master's bedroom...

bathroom floor tiles
Interior window moldings in place...

ceramic tiles
And baseboard trim around the rest of the bathroom.
The bathrooms are typically the most difficult rooms for this operation,
with all their corners, doors and accessories... Note that we did not
install the baseboards behind the upcoming toilet location, as we can't
be 100% certain where the wide bathroom vanity will end.

Of course what we want when installing baseboards is to have a nice seamless line around the room; with no gaps and tight joints. Now making this in a brand new bathroom with straight walls such as this one helps a lot, as all the walls are as close as they'll ever get to pecfect square angles; but it's still something of an art; there are many tricks to get this done right. These tricks are easy to learn but if you have never done this before, please practice with cheap baseboards first!

Now from a modern bathroom design point of view (the focus of this website) using wooden baseboard trim gives a bathroom warmth; even if you end up painting them. As an example wood baseboards are an absolute necessity in an antique-looking new bathroom. In an antique-styled bathroom I would try not to have to paint them. Now if you are looking for a more mediterranean look, just cutting the floor ceramic tiles in two and using that ceramic tile as baseboard works very well too.  For some ceramic tile models it is even possible to buy what they call "bullnose tiles" that have one rounded edge; if no bullnose tile model matches your bathroom flour tiles you can always insert decorative metal framing finish strips between the wall and the "baseboard ceramic" tile.  Also it is possible to make your own bullnose tile out of a square regular tile, with proper equipment.

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