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We have seen in my other page nice exampes of modern bathroom vanities. Allow us to change this chain of though a little bit here; because in some homes, a new renovated bathroom is one that looks antique!   The effort here is to recreate the mood found in bathrooms of the past, and this fits well those vintage homes found everywhere...  One very important aspect of such a bathroom renovation is of course the bathroom vanity, which in this case would be antique. Not many homes have true antique vanities that have been made in the actual Elizabethan, Victorian, or even Renaissance periods, but it is now quite possible to find reproductions that are in fact “modern” antique vanities. Because it is expensive to buy a real antique vanity, and with so many vintage houses that call for that type of design, there is a real demand for vanities designed to look like antiques using contemporary materials and techniques. Modern-made antique-looking vanities try to use similar traditional craftsmanship ways with today's cost-effective production methods. Maybe the most sought-after design for antique-made vanities is the design from the Victorian era. Many folks in the United States actually live in true vintage Victorian-style houses, particularily in older cities. Main design aspects of the antique Victorian vanity imply using heavy carvings, solid wood, hand-painted parts, and elaborate sculptings with vines and leaves.

To return to main modern bathroom design page, click this link. The real Antique-made vanities from those days were robust and accordingly modern replicas strive to keep the philosophy. The modern-made antique-looking vanities also use the practical elements that weren’t invented or feasible in the past times they come from. Now it is possible to associate that antique look with features found in today's bathrooms; just think of those modern faucets and sinks without losing that historical spirit. The renovation of the antique bathroom in a proper older house brings to this house the elegance and luxury of old royal mansions. Classic design ingredients including tapestries, rich vivid colors, and period-correct framed pictures easily bring your bathroom's mood back to the earlier period in history you are trying to create. A purist will argue that a bathroom vanity must absolutely be over a century of age to earn the antique title and thus have value. While the reproductions may not be genuinely antique, they do feel antique in spirit. While genuine antique-made vanities are very nice and a thrill to hunt down, they can be very costly and they will need more attention to integrate modern utilities into them. This may be the biggest problem with genuine antique bathroom vanities; it costs much more to buy and restore a true antique bathroom vanity than it is to outright purchase a new antique piece of furniture. So this would allow you to use this saved money in your budget to complete the other aspects of the project.

Should you choose to buy a genuine antique bathroom vanity or a new antique-designed vanity, both should be well build and enduring. The makers of today's vanities are working hard to design the most decorated and luxurious antique-looking bathroom vanities found today. Actual age of those bathroom vanities may be actually recent, however their economical price and practical design make them better options than real antiques.

Anybody looking at a bathroom remodelling project, most particularily someone owning a vintage or turn-of-the-century house, should certainly think of the many well executed modern replicas of antique vanities. Once the vanity installed, you will have taken care of a key aspect of the bathroom. This will of course work well with a nice cast iron rolled top clawfoot bathtub... After this it will be possible to remodel what is left to do in your bathroom with your classy, new “antique” vanity and bathtub already in place.

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