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How bathrooms were designed in the 1990s

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Ah yes! The roaring 1990s; indeed a great period of economic prosperity. In bathroom design, one major development in bathroom design we have seen in the nineties over the eighties was primarily in the dimension of these bathrooms which grew in size considerably as compared to those of the previous eras.

The 1990s were a turning point in bathroom design as people finally accepted the undeniably true fact that we actually spend quite a bit of time in that room and finally accepted the importance of it; so in the 1990s we moved even further away from the strictly utilitarian purpose bathroom we had seen before. If we are going to be in the bathroom all this time we might as well be comfortable in it!

In those days melamine was still very appreciated for its clean finish and was seen in many appliances, such as melamine counter tops, melamine cabinets, etc... Having now more space at our disposal also meant that installing a big corner bath is now a possibility. Larger windows now make this room a well lighted area. The shower is now often seen as a unit that is separated from the bath, in its own corner, as people take showers daily, and keep the bath for those priviledged moments of relaxation, more than for its obvious primary sanitary grooming purpose.

Notice also the ceramic tiles used in the 1990s: at the beginning of this decade these tiles were often printed, shiny ceramic tiles, which is what we encounter in many bathrooms from the early years of that period, just before the advent of the more rustic and matte look we have been seeing since the middle of the 90s. Those slippery shiny tiles can be dangerous as they can be very slippery when wet. They still installed the noisy and useless 10 cfm bathroom ceiling fans back then, too. Unfortunately those low output ceiling fans actually made more noise than they actually evacuated any air, and these ceiling fans are costly to upgrade today; but that was then... now we know better!